Watcha Webtrap! Corporate Edition: Setting Up A Cyber Wellness Program For Your Organization


WSPH Director/Owner Sonnie Santos, interview at GMA 7’s Reporters Notebook, re: online crimes and cyber wellness

A News report has confirmed that with more people engrossed in social computing, more crimes and complaints involving misuse and abuse are also accounted.

The CIDG said it received 25 complaints involving the use of Facebook between January 1 and June 14 this year. In comparison, the agency received 26 cases involving Facebook for the entire year of 2010. Of the cases involving Facebook this year, 6 were estafa; 6 were libel; 3 each for harassment and hacking; 5 cases of identity theft and fake accounts; and 2 cases of pornography.

Aside from the personal consequences to the user, the company can be affected indirectly. Among many others, productivity lost,  unnecessary rise on cost of hiring and training, confidential data being compromised, positive employee online branding/reputation and malware infection. Even if access to internet and social media is blocked.

Therefore, starting a cyber wellness program is not only timely but a necessary program to engage employees.

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Seminar sked:

July 13, 2011- 9AM to 5PM- Crown Regency Hotel Makati

Target Pax:

Online safety conscious people who wish to protect themselves, their family and organization from online risks.


Whether access of social web is blocked or not in the workplace, employees online behavior can affect employer in any of the following

  1. Tainted employer online branding/reputation
    • Smart employees are also cross checking companies by reading the rants of those currently employed by the company on social networking sites
    • Some customers do check not only feedbacks on the product/service experience, but also how they perceive employer treatment of employees and this may affect buying behavior towards the brand
  2. Loss of productivity
    • Employee online behavior can lead to prolong absence as a result of a crime [either as perpetuator or a victim],  company discipline, or embarrassment that can lead to resignation.
    • In all of these, there will be man hour lost
  3. Increase on cost of hiring and training
    • Employee online behavior can lead to resignation or dismissal and this will result to additional cost on recruitment and training.

To avoid all of these, it’s about time for a company to set up a Cyber Wellness Program not only to protect it’s employees from predators, but also to protect company interests. Proper training and education will lead to changed paradigm. And a changed paradigm can lead to changed online behavior.



By the end of the seminar, participants should be able to:

  • Identify and avoid online pitfalls.
  • Recognize the effect of employees online behavior to their organization.
  • Understand the dangers of too much or too little online presence
  • Learn the smart online behavior that can keep positive employer branding or positive personal branding
  • Set-up a cyber wellness program in their respective companies


Part 1: Paradigm Shift

A good cyber wellness program is rooted in proper understanding of social computing, and the prevailing online behaviors. And how these behavior affect not only the employee, but also employer.

Part 2: Be Safe Be Smart Online

In this section, general online safety practices will be discussed to avoid database compromise, social engineering, identity theft, cyber bullying/harassment, stalking, reputation damage, fraud, invasion of privacy. And explore safety features of common and popular social networking sites.

Part 3: Setting up the Cyber wellness program

On this section, the steps necessary in setting up a cyber wellness program.


  • Regular Rate: P 4, 000.00
  • HR Philippines Member Rate: P 3, 750.00 *
  • Repeat Customer Rate: P 3,500.00
  • Early Bird Rate: P 3,000.00 [paid on or before June 27, 2011 July 1, 2011] **

* At least 3 months member of HR Philippines e-groups [Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn] subject to confirmation of the moderator. If you are a member of any of these groups, please seek confirmation first by sending email/DM to the moderator, administrator or owner and forward the confirmation to seminars[at[wsph[dot]biz prior to payment

** Early bird rate is available for everyone who can make the payment on or before the cut-off date.
Checks are  payable to [pls. ensure  there is no missing or additional character]:

  • WSPH Human Resource Marketing and Cyber Safety Training and Consultancy Services


  • Severo E. Santos

Bank details shall be sent via email to registered participants. Please download registration form HERE.


For other Qs or if you want run this in your organization in-house, please accomplish the form below:


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