The learning EB that is truly FREE  had a special treat for HR pipz! The 8th edition was held at a classy a restaurant managed by Chef’s Quarter group of companies, and the snacks were provided for too. Thanks to:

Almost 170 people came to listen to Ms. Candy Mauricio, President of Learn 1 Network who gave the talk. She used lecture, story telling and video to discuss the topic. Too bad,  we ran out of time for the workshop. Here’s one of the most liked video of her presentation:


Recruitment strategies, because of the changing landscaped brought about by social computing, has changed. But this changes brought new set of opportunities and problems, opportunities for software developers to make online recruitment efficient; and problems ranging from targeting the right candidates to managing respondents. Here’s the PowerPoint Presentation for your review:


Of course, the HR Learning EB will not be complete without the raffle made possible by the following donors:
  • SM Mart Inc. – 10 pcs each of backpacks, planners and umbrellas
  • Uncle Cheffy – GCs worth 2k
  • Consult Asia- 10 bags
  • Converga – 3 tumblers 9 ballpens and 3 bags
  • Cybelle Design Studio –  8 Mugs
  • Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute – Post it stickers and GC worth 1k
  • Greenlight Power Inc. – 10 pcs note pad & 3 umbrellas
  • Siegranz – 3 pcs each of large bodywash liquid soap and hair wax

And if you missed the event, here are the pictures


Below are links to videos used in the lecture:

  • Recruitment has changed:
  • Social Media Revolution:
  • Chesapeak Recruitment Process:
  • Basharsoft Online Recruitment Problems:




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